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Unidad 3.2

Unidad 3.2
3.2 Subjuntivo Estudien para el examen

Jeopardy Lab

Jeopardy Lab
Unidad preliminar


Vocab review

PPT 3-1.1

Avancemos 3 1.1

Avancemos 3 1.1
Práctica del vocabulario

Pacing Chart

Why Spanish



Language acquisition only happens when written and spoken

messages are actually being understood. In this class “hard work” means that ON THE INSIDE you need to:

- Stay focused on the message being delivered.

- Observe what is happening.

- Listen with intent to comprehend.

- Read with intent to comprehend.

HARD WORK (RIGOR) is when you are actively engaged with the language, which means that ON THE OUTSIDE you will:

- Respond with body language.

- Show the teacher when you do not understand.

- Respond with short answers.

- Read and show that you understand.

RIGOR means that you will FEEL:

- Confident.

- Aware of the stream of the conversation.

- Like you understand, but you may not feel as if you are learning.

- You don’t feel lost, confused, defeated or frustrated.

You will KNOW you are learning when:

- You understand what the teacher says or what you are reading.

- Spanish starts to fall out of your mouth in class without you

thinking about it too much.

- Spanish comes out naturally and makes sense (even with errors).

- You notice you can write more in Spanish than you did before.

- You are not translating from English to Spanish when you speak or write.

Sample of Vacaciones

Froggy se viste

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¿Pretérito o imperfecto?

¿Pretérito o imperfecto?
¿Pretérito o imperfecto?

Ojala de Silvio Rodriguez


4.2 Chicos aquí está el enlace para las Flashcards (tarjetas de práctica) sorry no photos, just the vocab.


Los quehaceres

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